Monday, 22 May 2017

Weekend in Review - 20th/21st May 2017

So here we are, another weekend has past and we are now into the final countdown for our holiday! We have officially reached the -7 day mark, woo hoo!!

I went for my pre-holiday hair cut on Friday, the dead ends and overly long fringe are now gone and my locks are looking lovely and sleek again. I just need to give myself a rinse of colour and I will be good to go. It was great to see my hairdresser John, especially as he has just got engaged. The wedding is next year and I am already looking forward to it!

On Saturday our team, Millwall were playing at Wembley in the League One playoff final. I decided not to go to the game but Tom went along with my cousins and our nephew and niece. They all met for pre game drinks so I popped along to have a quick one with them before they all headed off. It was a great game and it was pretty close but luckily the Lions won 1-0 so are now promoted to the Championship - happy days!
It was lovely to see everyone, we don't get together often enough due to us all living so far apart. Hopefully though we can get something organized for this year.

While Tom was out I started sorting my clothes and picking out what I am taking on holiday. I have tried to pack lightly and make 'outfits' that can be mixed and matched to suit day through to night. I bought some packing cubes from Groupon to use after seeing a picture that a friend had posted of her using them. Now I have to say when they first arrived I was rather skeptical as they looked a little on the small side and rather flimsy. However I am extremely impressed as I have managed to fit everything in!! They are certainly a great way to keep and make your packing/un-packing organized, plus having everything folded neatly into this bags means nothing moves about or gets squished.

I managed to finish another baby C2C (corner to corner) blanket. This one is heading up to Scotland for a friends Grandson. He already has one of my blankets and apparently loves it, hope this one is as big a hit! I really do enjoy making these blankets, they are so simple and easy to create and they seem to crochet up in no time at all.

I did a little blog hopping last week and found a few new ones that I like so I have added these to my side bar and will make sure that I check them out regularly. What are your fave blogs, do you stick to one 'type' or do you like to mix it up a bit?

Anyway I hope that you all had a great weekend. Thanks for stopping by to read, I really do appreciate it and I love it when I get a comment.

Love and hugs,

Jane xx

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Bannatyne Spa Day with the Girls

Yesterday I took a days annual leave from work and ventured down to Ramsgate to have a Spa Day with a few of my girlfriends. It was a lovely, lovely day and was the perfect pre-holiday treat. Sadly I didn't get any pictures but I thought I would do a little write up to share with you all.

The day was at the Bannatyne Health Club in Westwood Cross near Ramsgate in Kent. You can find full details of all the treatments and packages they offer here. The cost of our day was £99.00 for two people, we had a package that included two treatments - a back, neck and shoulder massage and a mini facial (40 mins combined time) along with full use of all the facilities on offer and afternoon tea. You can also book and pay for additional treatments if you wish, there are plenty to choose from as well as a indoor and outdoor pool, gym, steam room and Jacuzzi.

Upon arrival we had to fill out a little health questionnaire before our day could begin, this will determine what type of treatment you get. Once that was complete we all bought Spa bags, which basically are a Bannatyne tote bag that contain a towel, a robe and flip flops. The cost for this is £5.00 but you get to keep the bag and flip flops. Our first stop once we were changed was the pool area where we all dived straight into the jacuzzi - it was warm and bubbly and the perfect place for us girlies to sit, chat and catch up. Before long it was time for me to head to the treatment rooms where I was given a Swedish massage. The lovely young lady who was looking after me said I had a lot of tension in my shoulders so she had to work good and hard to loosen them up and I have to say at times it was almost verging on painful but it felt good! After that I had a deep cleansing Elemis facial before I re-joined the others in the relaxation room. Now this room was seriously good - a lovely low lighted and beautifully scented room with hot stone beds to lay on. After my massage this was the most wonderful place to lay and just unwind and chill out.....I think every home should have one of these, if I ever win the lottery and I can buy a big house I am definitely getting one of these installed!

Afternoon tea was served in the coffee shop area of the centre and although it was nice I would have been happy to have not had this included. It was ok but didn't really fill me up, I would much rather have had a lighter lunch. But hey it was part of the day and was a sweet treat.

We finished the remainder of our day in the Jacuzzi and steam room before we all had to say goodbye and head off home. Of course no day like this is complete without a trip to the Spa shop and as I love Elemis products I really had to stop myself from spending an absolute fortune. I was very restrained and only bought a little glowing face and body set which will be put to very good use in the coming week or so as I start my pre-holiday beauty regime. It came in a fab and very handy Elemis tote bag....which you can see it below along with all the products.

I thoroughly enjoyed the day, it wasn't the fanciest of spas/health clubs but for what we paid it was perfect. Hopefully it wont be too long before we can do another one.

Thanks for stopping by, love and hugs..

Jane xx

Friday, 12 May 2017

You are never too old for Disney.

Its no lie, the excitement for our almost here holiday is building at a tremendous rate, although if you follow me on Facebook or Instagram this will come as no surprise.

We booked our LA and Vegas flights back in July of last year and since the beginning of this year we have planning like mad. Slowly but surely the itinerary has come together and everything is now in place for a fab & fun filled trip. As soon as the flights were booked I knew that if I could convince Tom that I wanted us to spend at least one day in Disney in Anaheim - it seemed daft to be so close and not go. At first he wasn't very receptive to the idea but after talking to a few friends that have recently been and watching countless You Tube vids I finally got him to agree to go, and even better he agreed to two days!! Cue time to shop for Disney essentials....

The first thing I bought were these fab ears. Now I know I could have bought them out there, and the chances are I will buy at least one more pair in the park but I wanted to have a pair that I could wear when we walk through the gates on our first day. I also wanted a pair that were totally unique and unlike any others. I found these on Etsy from a seller called Made for Mouse (she is also on FB and Insta under the same username). Nikki is a joy to work with, you can either buy your ears from the selection on her page or you can message her and she will custom make you a pair. I could not recommend her highly enough, product and customer service were second to none. If your planning a trip to any of the Disney parks and you want a special pair of ears then go check out her page.

Next on my list was footwear. Again I wanted something a little different, the idea of plain trainers or Converse were just not doing it for me so I started to look at Facebook pages and Etsy. The first thing that I found were some hand painted Converse that you could customize with any design of your choice. I liked the look and idea of these and it's what I was going to go with but then I started to worry that the paints might crack or run if they got wet/damp so I continued my search. Now anyone that knows me even in the slightest will know that I have something of an obsession for all things sparkly - so the minute I saw these babies I knew that these were what I needed to have for my Disney days. Again I received nothing but fab service from the seller, I ordered these on a Sunday night and I had them on my feet the following Friday. I just wish I had opted for the fully blinged up version with the bow and crystals on the back too. If you want to see the full range of customized footwear check out the Sparklemixx page.

As we only have 2 days in Disneyland we spent a whole Saturday night with the watching You Tube videos of the attractions on laptop along with park maps and a guide book to try and figure out some sort of itinerary. We have planned out what rides and attractions we want to do and have kind of worked out in what order we should best do them. However its not set in stone as its just the two of us and we are in no real rush. We may try to get Fast Passes for some of the rides if the queues are massive but I don't think that's going to be too much of a problem. There is a handy app that I have downloaded so we can keep an eye on ride wait times as well as find out where the characters are located for those all important pictures.

I have also downloaded a Disney soundtrack so I can refresh my memory with the words to all the songs, you have got to be word perfect when you do the rides right?? Problem is I now cant get the words to A Whole New World and Its a Small World out of my head!!

This will be my second Disney experience and Toms first. My first was a trip to the Magic Kingdom in Florida but that was many, many years ago, I think something like 30 years!! To say we are excited is a total understatement and at this precise moment I am actually more excited to be going Disney than I am Vegas!! A couple of people have questioned why we are going saying things like 'isn't it just for kids?' answer to that is NO!! You are never to old to go to the happiest place on earth and anyway life is too short to not do what makes you happy. I literally cannot wait to walk down Main Street and catch sight of the castle for the first time and I am pretty sure at some point over the two days there will be (happy) tears! I promise to do a full review and share some of the pictures when we are back, if you cant wait that long then just keep an eye on Facebook and Instagram where I will be sharing as much as I can.

Thanks for stopping by and reading. If you fancy leaving me a comment then please do and if you have a blog of your own leave me a link and I will pop by and return the favour.

Leaving sparkles, love and hugs

Jane xx