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October - Week 1

Well the cough and cold didn't lift so I gave in and got a doctors appointment to get it checked out. I ended up with a course of antibiotics which have now kicked in and are helping to see this virus off. Once I was home from work most evenings were spent doing a little crochet, updating my planner and catching up on You Tube videos. Tom was out with the lads on Friday night so I had a lovely peaceful evening to myself - unfortunately it didn't last and I ended up not getting the best nights sleep due to the beer infused snore monster sleeping next to me! lol

As I was still feeling a little under the weather I cancelled my plans to go to the Cake Show at Londons ExCel centre over the weekend and instead stayed home to just potter about and take it easy. It was just what I needed to be honest and I am now, finally, beginning to feel a lot better.

Saturday was spent tidying my desk area a little as it was a total mess with all sorts of bits and pieces dumped on and around it. I…

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