We have a Go Pro!

Finally after months of debating I gave in and bought us a Go Pro Hero 5. Yay - who doesn't love a new gadget! I ordered it around lunchtime on Wednesday and 24 hours later it was in my hands - fab service as usual from Currys.
Now if I am honest the Go Pro isn't actually something that we needed as I only bought Tom a new camcorder for Christmas last year. When I bought the camcorder I had our holiday earlier this year in mind as I knew we would want to film lots, especially as we were going to LA and Disneyland. I did lots of research and even considered the Go Pro before I finally decided upon the Canon Legria HF R78. Now the Canon is a great camcorder but it proved to be a little bulky and cumbersome, especially whilst we were in the parks and even more so when we were on the rides. So with this in mind and knowing that we will want to films lots and lots when we go to Orlando next year I started doing some more research (as if I needed another reason to watch more Disney vlogs on You Tube!) before finally taking the plunge and making the purchase.

The Go Pro Hero 5 is the newest addition to the Go Pro range and it has a wealth of features that will make life so much easier when we are out and about on holiday. For a start its a tiny little item that neatly fits into the palm of your hand, its also very lightweight so will be very easy to carry about and use when we are moving about.
Some of the key features that make this a must have for us are:
  • Its waterproof (upto 10m) as it is, there is no need for any additional housing.
  • Electronic Image Stabilization makes for much better quality footage.
  • 4K Resolution giving super sharp image quality.
  • A screen on the back give you the opportunity to see what you are filming (you can also adjust the settings using this screen).
  • One touch and voice activated controls making records quick and easy.
  • It has an app which connects to your smart phone where you can control the Go Pro as well as watch, edit and upload your footage.
There are tons of accessories to go with it too, various clips, mounts, arms and harnesses etc to suit all activities. So far we have the a waterproof arm, hand and wrist mounts, an additional battery and dual charger and a mini tripod with mount. To be honest I think these will be all that we will need as we wont be doing any extreme sports!! The only other item I would like is the Karma Grip, however with a price tag of around £299 its way down the list. There are much cheaper alternatives out there and if we decide that we do need one then these are what we will be looking into getting.
We will be taking the Go Pro to Spain with us later this month so that will the perfect chance for us to see how it works and what it can do. I am really looking forward to putting it to the test, especially when we are messing about in the pool.

Do you have a Go Pro, if so what do you use it for and how do you find it works for you?

As always thanks for stopping by and having a read. Please feel free to leave me a comment and a link back to your own blog of you have one.


** Disclaimer: The opinion(s) I have given in this post are all my own and are 100% honest. I bought this camera with my own money and I haven't been paid to promote either Currys or Go Pro.


Sarah said…
Look forward to hearing all about your Spain hols and how you got on with the Go Pro 😊 Love Sarah xx